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Invest with professional stock advisors through your phone with no minimum investment.

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What makes us different

Investing Made Easy

Skip The Coffee

In-person meetings are a thing of the past, invest with stock advisors from the comfort of your phone.

Compare Professionals

Compare stock advisors by past performance and only invest with the best.

No Minimums

High minimums stop people from investing with professionals, that's why we got rid of them.

Simpler Fees

Stock advisors on Wyzer are only allowed to charge you a flat monthly fee, nothing else.

Build Trust

Advisors on Wyzer are licensed professionals. Check their past performance and experience before investing.

Invest In Your Values

Find investments that match your values. Invest with professionals that align with your ethics.

Start saving

Savings accounts do anything but save.

Traditional savings accounts grow less than 0.1% a year. After inflation, your money actually loses value. With Wyzer, you can invest with a professional advisor in the stock market, and GROW your savings.

Advisor profile

Invest in people, just like you invest in stocks.

Our goal is to build a community based on trust and transparency between investors and advisors. For the first time ever, you can compare professionals by past performance, experience, and qualifications before making an investment.

Our Advantages

Transparency Is Key







Bank-Level Security

Whenever you use a Wyzer, we’re working behind the scenes to protect your financial information. Our security practices are designed to exceed the industry standards that banks and leading technology companies use. As the infrastructure that connects investors with advisors, we take our role seriously.


Latest News & Updates

What type of investor are you?

Knowing your investor profile is crucial to working out what type of investment suits you. When it comes to investments, are you a risk-taker? Or do you tend to invest small amounts in carefully researched funds? The way each of us approaches investments can vary greatly and have a huge impact on our financial future.

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Understand how Wall Street is trying to control investors.

Hedge funds, investment bankers, and other professional investors are desperate to find out what the next GameStop will be before it's too late. It is worth remembering that the rise driven by Reddit has crushed some hedge funds betting against GameStop, the network of theaters AMC Entertainment and other popular actions on social media.

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What the pandemic taught us about finance.

One side effect of the pandemic was that people who had to stay home and couldn’t work were not able to cover their costs with the little bit that they got from unemployment and EIP payments. Now that everyone is mostly back to work, it’s understood that we need to do a better job of investing and saving. Here are some tips to help you out with that.

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